First post

Last night my husband and I saw “Julie and Julia”. Now I have blogging-on-my-mind. Georgia would’ve been better, even if Ray Charles claimed that gave him no peace, either.

Setting the record straight, right from the start:
1. I am in my right mind (my sons’ opinions on this do not count) and in no way do I believe that this will lead to a movie.

2. Occasionally I’ll post recipes. They will not be French as I do not like French cooking. But in spite of the movie, I still like Julia Child.


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5 responses to “First post

  1. Good for you! You took the plunge!

    I saw Julie & Julia several weeks ago with friends. I have to admit that I wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t have been for the fellowship. The movie didn’t look all that interesting to me, though I adore Meryl Streep. I was a little shocked at the foul language surprise and the inuendos in the movie. To me, it cheapened the movie and I was a little embarrassed to be sitting there with Christian friends. My one friend loved it, the other one said it was “okay”.

    I also don’t understand why Julia Child did not like Julie. I would have been flattered! Hmmm. Quirky world.

  2. Fran Metcalf

    It is a good thing I didn’t pay the 25$ or so (senior citizen tickets are less) to see a movie that would insult me too.

    You go girl.

    You’ve got talent. Maybe you could replace some of the movie critics that are blatently WRONG. It seems to me that if they give it a low rating, it is a movie I like so in a way I guess, the system does sort of work for me.


  3. carlahoag


    Thanks so much. It was really good to see you here.



  4. Judy Z

    Carla, This is great. Fall is also, my favorite season. I’m glad you warned me about Julia movie. Hope to see you soon. Love, Judy

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