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September Door Decoration


Fall is my favorite season. Here in north Texas it’s a real relief after summer. Just a few weeks ago it was 107 degrees, so I’m thankful even when the mercury goes down into the 80s.

So to celebrate, I wanted something to put on our front door, but I’m on a spending diet; going to Hobby Lobby and buying a gorgeous autumn wreath is out. What could I make?

What I came up with is not only cheap, it was almost free. I had everything on hand I needed, or more correctly, I decided to use only what I already had.

Apple Wreath

1. Fold a stiff piece of junk mail in half and cut out the shape of an apple 4″ tall. This was my stencil. Unfold and smooth it out, placing it on an ironed piece of heavy brown paper sack.


2. Pour a small amount of white acrylic paint on a saucer, and using a stipple brush, stencil 10 apples. After they’re dry (and it doesn’t take very long), draw outside the white around 1/4″ with a medium Sharpie. Include a wide stem at the top of the apple when drawing the shape. Using a narrow brush and red paint, fill in the area between the white and black line. Cut out. Using either the Sharpie or some brown paint (I used black but I think brown would’ve been better), paint on some seeds.

3. After all that the stencil should be dry; if it isn’t cut another one (it should be slightly larger than the one used for the inside of the apple). Stencil another 10 apples, this time in red. When dry, outline with the Sharpie, remembering to include a stem. Cut out.
4. For the leaves I drew out a basic leaf shape and traced it onto green construction paper. At 2 leaves per apple, the cutting out part was going to get tedious, so I tri-folded the paper. It was easy to cut this way because construction paper is so soft. Then I folded or bent the leaves before gluing them onto the stems to give it a little dimension. Use whatever glue you want (I think I used plain old Elmer’s) and place them on both sides of each stem.

5. For the base wreath I drew around a dinner plate onto cardboard; then used a smaller saucer inside and cut it out with my kitchen shears. (If you think the cardboard might show, go ahead and paint the ring red. This will probably take a little while to dry.)

6. Before gluing anything down, space the red apples evenly around the wreath. Now glue them. Again, I used Elmer’s. Place the “cut apples” on top between the red ones.

7. Tie a piece of ribbon or jute around the top and hang on the door.

This would make a good project for children old enough to use scissors.

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