Beauty from the Heart

Beauty from the Heart

“Femininity is not dead. It just needs to be reclaimed.”

My friend Patti coordinated a Saturday morning women’s retreat for her church and invited me to attend. The focus was A Woman’s Heart, both spiritual and physical. There were 2 speakers, women at both ends of the age spectrum – an older lady who spoke about heart health and her recent surgery, and Hannah, an 18 year old young lady who spoke on purity of heart and what God requires of us.

Hannah is incredibly well-spoken. Her presentation was polished and focused. At the beginning she explained that she was sharing the concept of purity from a scriptural foundation – only God is pure. She closed by explaining that Jesus, in His purity, made himself the sacrifice for our sin and we may only come into the presence of the Father through Him. “The only Person worthy of our boundless adoration is Christ Jesus. No one else can even begin to compete.”

She and another girl, Lindsey, are carrying the message of femininity and faith to modern young women. They can be contacted through their website .

It contains a blog (I particularly appreciated her post from Aug. 24, 2009, titled “Victory Already Achieved” which included a poem written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer), bios of Hannah and Lindsey, their core beliefs and session topics.

Girls are inundated in this culture with degradation; it has become the norm. It is indeed refreshing to be reminded that we were created for something better.


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  1. Patti

    Thanks for the great review. We did have a great day. Thanks for all your help.

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