Never leave a hot, buttered cranberry muffin on the coffee table.

The beagle can’t be trusted.


Filed under Dogs, Humor

2 responses to “Tip

  1. heheh, l;ove your tip! Husbands can not be trusted wither, they want to help out ~ oh I thought you were done with that. lol
    I have seen this movie and love it! I had both my daughter and son grow up watching old movies, they are so much better than new ones.

  2. carlahoag

    I’m so glad to hear from someone else that loves old movies. They were better!

    It’s so funny when I tell someone that I like old movies best and they say yes, then start telling me about one from the 1970’s or 80’s. When I say “old” movies, I usually mean black and white and certainly not anything newer than 1969 and probably a LOT older.

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