Chocolate Syrup


from The Tightwad Gazette II

This recipe is from Amy Dacyczyn’s book The Tightwad Gazette II, which I highly recommend. It’s good for making chocolate milk, hot chocolate or an ice cream topping. Since the publication date is 1995, I’m sure the price of Hershey’s chocolate syrup has gone up. I don’t know because I haven’t bought any for years.

It is cheaper and tastes better than commercial chocolate syrup. Just don’t overcook it. You will end up with something like fudge sauce, which is great over ice cream, but difficult to dissolve in a glass to make chocolate milk.

It doesn’t take very long to make; after it comes to a boil, you only cook it 3 minutes. It’s easy to make, our grandson almost always asks for it and if we don’t have any in the refrigerator, he loves to help his grandpa make some.

And while it’s cooking, well, that fragrance in the kitchen is like perfume.

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5 responses to “Chocolate Syrup

  1. Yes, I beat the kitchen smells wonderful while you make this GREAT!!! treat to pour over ice cream.

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  3. Carla.. thanks so much for stopping by my blog- i had to come by and check out this chocolate syrup recipe of which you spoke (it’s printing up as i type:)) I also wanted to mention that I adore your header picture… it is sweetness itself♥

    • Thank you. I wanted to put up something for December about Jesus, but the wordpress header thing is a little difficult to deal with – it always has to be that size and so it crops funny. What I used was a Christmas card and some construction paper. You’re very kind.

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