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Benjamin Franklin Hoag

May I introduce Benjamin Franklin, otherwise known as Benny? He has made his home with us for about 20 months. He’s a silent fellow, most of the time. Not much meowing, not much purring. However, he does enjoy a good chase down our long hallway with Lafayette.

A simple fellow, he prefers cat wrestling to cat toys. But he’s often in a playful mood. It doesn’t seem to matter to him whether or not his chosen companion is in the same mood. There’s going to be play.

Poor Princess Gracie Allen. She and I are the only girls in our household and extended family (husband, 2 sons, 2 grandsons, dog, 5 male cats vs. me and Gracie); and she’s a gentle creature. She’s only about one and a half years old and still enjoys a playful romp. However, the boys frequently get too rough for her and she has to run to the door – the great outdoors is often just the escape from fun that she’s looking for.

Benny prefers his chicken and rice commercial cat food to any fresh meaty treats: not for him the tasty tidbits of pork loin or hamburger. He simply smells them and walks away.

Joe is his preferred human, although he will come to me for petting and enjoys a nap on the bed when I do, too. When Joe goes to the piano to play something lovely (perhaps a little Gershwin, a little Jerome Kern?), Benny jumps up on the bench with him. Sitting by his side, sometimes he looks at the music, sometimes he turns around and looks out at the living room.

I can’t imagine what he’s thinking, unless he wants everyone else to know that he’s with the one he loves.

When Joe’s working on his laptop at the kitchen table, Benny is right there with him, nudging him for some petting, and if ignored, jumps up onto his lap.

We have a colonial theme going with our pets: Thomas Jefferson, General Gilbert Lafayette. Gone but not forgotten are Molly Pitcher, Samuel Adams, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross.

And now Benjamin Franklin, aka Benny. Our younger son choose this moniker for the orange tabby because of his robust girth. The rest of him is slender, but his tummy shows that he sure does enjoy his chow.

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