My Sister’s Paper Doll Altered Book

Fran's altered book cover

A few years ago my sister was in an altered book Round Robin. She chose paper dolls for her theme and she ended up with the most wonderful book!

Here are some of the pages. Unfortunately, I can’t give credit to the individual artists (because I don’t know them), but some of them initialed their pages. My sister did the cover herself.


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6 responses to “My Sister’s Paper Doll Altered Book

  1. C

    Okay, I told you already I have a paper fetish…these are marvelous.

    I did the 10 things about me–on my site. Thanks. It was fun! C

  2. This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of an altered book, at least none that were intentionally altered! 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by Debbie’s blog and adding your disappearing kid story! I love your pics of altered books, and…oh, yeah, definitely the one of the cockeyed cake. Gotta try that recipe!

  4. Marlendy

    Wow Ilove the cover to Frans altered book, I know what they are, but have never tried to make one myself, maybe one of these days. I enjoy you blog and will be back to enjoy it some more when I have more time. I am supposed to be post my own blog about now. Love Marge

    • Isn’t it pretty? She was in an altered book round robin at a scrapbook store in Tulsa a few years ago and chose paper dolls for the theme of her book.

      You’re right – she did lovely work on the cover.

      Thanks for stopping by Marge. You have a great blog and it’s a pleasure to see what you post. I’ve saved many, many of them and have printed off some for using in my paper crafts. You do a great job.

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