Christmas Altered/Mini Scrapbook

Fran's Christmas book, cover

Two years ago I made an altered Christmas book for my sister. It was like a mini-scrapbook and personalized with family photos and memories.

This was a gift that couldn’t have been bought in a store because it was geared to my sister. The cost was absolutely $0.00 because my supplies were items and embellishments that I already had, including photocopies of old pictures. (If the pictures hadn’t already been photocopied, it would’ve cost about $1.00 at Kinko’s to do so.)

Space was left for her to add notes of her own remembrances. I included the Nativity story from Luke and words to Christmas songs. Part of the personalizing was including the lyrics to Frosty the Snowman. We never could remember all of them and that in itself was kind of a family tradition.

Looking back at it now, it’s obvious where some of the pages could be improved and maybe she’ll let me borrow it back to work on it some more, but I’ve found that with altered books, at some point it’s just time to quit.

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4 responses to “Christmas Altered/Mini Scrapbook

  1. Carla — I think I’m finally beginning to get my mind around these altered books. For the first time when I read this one, I thought I could do that! I know. I’m sure easier said than done. But, I might at least try one!

  2. Sandra, please try making one! It’s a lot of fun. Mine don’t look like a lot of them you’ll see online or in the how-to books, but for the most part, they suit me very well. That’s the goal – to make something you enjoy.

    There’s so much freedom and without the pressure to make it perfect like I’d feel about making a real scrapbook.

    Oh, we could talk about this a longg time.

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