Vintage Christmas – Good Housekeeping 1964

Good Housekeeping, December 1964 front cover

My mother was not much of a keeper , perhaps that came from losing almost everything she had in a severe flood when she was 23.  She didn’t save a lot of the things from our home; I don’t have any old Christmas ornaments or decorations, but I do have 2 issues of old Christmas magazines that she kept. Actually, I think I rescued them in 1976 when we had a joint garage sale.

I remember looking at these magazines through the years and how wonderful I thought the cover was – a Santa Claus sugar cookie all covered in red hot candy and marshmallows dancing on a cake covered in even more candy. Yes, Virginia, I do have a sweet tooth.

Red Skelton

This issue featured a photo essay of Red Skelton, one of the most beloved television stars at that time. Also pictured with him is Chatty Cathy doll, a very popular doll in the early 1960s.

Included in this issue was a celebrity cookbook with recipes from those pictured above.

And lest one think that our society hasn’t changed much in the last 45 years – well, when was the last time there was an article like this in a popular magazine? I picked up a new issue of Good Housekeeping at the dentist’s office last week and would not have recognized it if the name hadn’t been on the cover. Now they are suggesting yoga mats for a Christmas present.

What happened? No more Jesus, but they want you to sort of celebrate His birth by engaging yourself in eastern religion.

Very sad.

This post linked to Vintage Christmas Monday Number 4 at Anything Goes Here.


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6 responses to “Vintage Christmas – Good Housekeeping 1964

  1. What great old graphics. I remember Red Skelton, I loved his show when I was little. My cousin had a Chatty Cathy doll too. Things have certainly changed, but thankfully we are still free to celebrate Christ’s birth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great magazine, and I would love to see the recipes that those celebrities shared, especially Lucille Ball, one of my all-time favorites!
    Merry CHRISTmas and Happy VCM!

  3. I love your vintage posts!

    I agree about the articles in magazines having degraded in the past 35 years. I actually gave up my beloved ($2.49/yr.) subscription to Ladies Home Journal about a year ago. It had become so “fringe” that it wasn’t worth my reading time. It was horrible, offering counseling on “alternative lifestyles”, and other non-traditional pearls of wisdom. Not for me! I thought I was reading Cosmopolitan!

    • Thank you. I love all kinds of vintage stuff, especially books, magazines and newspapers. Sometime in January I plan to do a post on what has happened to magazines in the U.S.

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