Hats, Old and New

On New Year’s Eve, Joe and I shopped for a bit in Lone Star Antique Mall and I decided to focus my picture taking on hats.

After writing the post at the end of December about Hats and Tea Parties, I was still in a hat mood.

Isn’t it charming? This little number reminds me of one that Lucy might’ve worn; maybe with that navy blue dotted suit of hers.

Didn’t care for the sign this one was sitting on, because I thought it was pretty, and not silly at all. However, since the booth owner didn’t ask me to redecorate, I left it alone.

With little organza flowers covering it, this one reminds me of ones that ladies wore to Sheridan Road Baptist Church in Tulsa in the early 1960’s.

Although most of them were vintage, one booth featured new hats.

Some of them were quite lovely.

How perfect for a wedding or a Sunday morning church service in the spring. It needs a white linen suit and a turquoise rhinestone brooch on the shoulder.


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6 responses to “Hats, Old and New

  1. I adore hats! Unfortunately, my head is large and my hair is a bit too thick! Or wait, maybe I am thick-headed…

  2. I found out early that my head is bigger than average because I always had trouble getting those already tight rubber bathing caps on!
    But I DO occasionally wear a hat, just because I love them. And I’ve found that since I wear my hair short, I think they look better on me than before — more neck showing.

    Loved this hat “tour”.

  3. fran m

    Speaking of trash piles or heaps. Remember
    Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach VA ??
    It was huge and totally made out of trash and covered with a thin layer of dirt. It even had a soap box derby hill. There were about 100 steps to the top. Ah, nostalgia.
    It had a lake too that you could go boating on.
    Wow what a concept. Does that mean that there could be a mount trashmore in every city unless we actually “gasp” burn some of that stuff…..

    love,your sister

  4. fran m

    Oh yes, you go girl …..

    Your sis


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