1965 Corvette
Average Prices
Salary – $6,450
First Class Stamp – .05
Loaf of Bread – .21
Gallon of Milk – .95
Gallon of Gasoline – .31
Car – $2,650
House – $13,600

Bob Hope U.S.O. Christmas Special

I’m in to Something Good
Help me Rhonda
Count Me In

Up the Down Staircase
The Source
Is Paris Burning?
Making of the President 1964
The Green Berets

Battle of the Bulge
Doctor Zhivago
Flight of the Phoenix
Girl Happy
That Darn Cat!
The Cincinnati Kid
The Sons of Katie Elder
The Sound of Music

Get Smart
The Wild, Wild West
The Rogues – opening titles on youtube
The Dick van Dyke Show –watch online
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Bonanza –

Clothing and Hair (scroll down)

Ford Concept Cars
Corvette Stingray

Ads and Commercials:
Oscar Meyer


Baby First Step

* October 23, 2012 update – I’ve deleted several of the youtube videos which were no longer available.


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4 responses to “1965

  1. Oh, does that Corvette picture bring back memories! Hubby’s first purchase after he graduated from high school was a 1962 black Corvette convertible with a red interior. To show you how in love with it he was — we went to my senior prom in it. We had to stuff my prom dress into it like sardines into a can! But being two very impractical teenagers — I certainly wasn’t going to give up wearing a very full prom dress — and he CERTAINLY wasn’t going to give up driving his ‘vette! Ahhh, youth. 🙂

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  3. I love this trivia. 1965 is my birth year and therefore I am fascinated with that time period. Thank you Carla for all your great information!

  4. Reblogged this on Coming out of Hiding and commented:
    More 1965 trivia. I love this stuff!

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