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Rubber Stamping Convention


Beth taught the Belts and Buckles class. I think the cards I made mistakenly got in with my sister’s stuff and have travelled to Oklahoma with her. But you can see examples of her other cards here and here.

A note on the classes my sister and I took: I recommend Beth’s class because not only were the cards interesting, but we learned to use new tools (at least new to me) and I was able to see the difference in well-made stamps and cheap ones (hers are so good you don’t have to press down hard, in fact if you do, it smears the image. Most of the stamps I’ve bought in the last few years have been cheap ones and I have trouble stamping a clear, even image).

But the main reason I would take one of her classes again is that she was kind. When we made a mistake, she’d say “it’s just paper” and would repeat instructions if needed. That may sound elementary, but having talked with people who take classes often, that’s not always the case. I made stupid mistakes but she made me feel not stupid.

Her class was very fast paced; we made 4 cards in two hours, actually a little less than two.

She and her sister design their own rubber stamps and sell them both at the convention at their booth and online.


Zia taught the fossil class. She was also friendly and helpful.

I plan to make broaches from mine. These are not finished yet. They need more color brushed on. This is what they look like after drying.

Heirloom Pro has information on each show if you go to the website and click on the city you’re interested in, but apparently they aren’t linking the city to it’s classes until closer to the date, so keep checking. As of this posting, information is available for Lawrencville and Vallejo.
Cancelled Riverside, CA ~ January 16 & 17
Lawrenceville, GA ~ February 6 & 7
Vallejo, CA ~ February 20 & 21
Indianapolis, IN ~ March 6 & 7
St Charles, IL ~ March 13 & 14
Portland, OR ~ March 20 & 21
Allentown, PA ~ April 10 & 11
Puyallup, WA ~ May 15 & 16
West Springfield, MA ~ June 5 & 6
Grapevine, TX ~ July 17 & 18
Novi, MI ~ August 7 & 8
Costa Mesa, CA ~ Sept TBA
Anderson, SC ~ September 25 & 26
Fort Wayne, IN ~ October 2 & 3
York, PA ~ October 9 & 10

The last time I attended one I promised myself that I would save up to have spending money, which alas, I didn’t. But that’s okay, there’s always the next one in July and I collected business cards from my favorite booths and can order online from them.

Here are the things I bought for my sister with the money she gave me.

This is a better photo of the fiber packets. They’re very interesting. The vendor made the butterfly brooch as a demonstration and gave it to me. She doesn’t have a website but if you click on the photo you can see her email address to get more information about colors available, prices and shipping information.

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