Global Warming in North Texas

North Texas, February 11, 2010

We’ve lived here almost 30 years and we’ve never seen this much snow.

Looking down the driveway toward our gate.

Joe took the photo above around noon. It has snowed several more inches since then.

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One response to “Global Warming in North Texas

  1. It seems you believe in man made global warming. I do not. To many of us it is a colossal hoax being used to gain even more control over the lives of ordinary Americans. One set of rules for Al Gore and George Clooney, another set for the rest of us. When I was in high school (almost 40 years ago) the ecology movement was gearing up and it made a lot of sense to me. Its leaders warned us about the coming Ice Age and the doom it would spell for all of us. If you’re interested to know the history of that movement, go here for a cutting from Time Magazine, 1974:

    Beware of leaders who don’t value honesty.

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