Lincoln Silhouette

Mingo School didn’t provide regular art class for grades Kindergarten – 4th grade. However we did lots of in-class art projects and one of my favorite things were the Lincoln and Washington silhouettes we made every February.

I’ve searched the internet and can’t find the old patterns, but there is one in a craft book that I have. Although it’s not exactly the same pattern, it’s close.

Abraham Lincoln

This one has been traced out of the book, then copied to 200%.

Here are some simple directions.

1. Click on image once to enlarge. Print.
2. Cut outside shape with scissors. Use an exacto knife to cut out inner collar shape.
3. Trace onto black construction paper (or black scrapbook paper if you want it to last ).
4. Using a glue stick or similar product, affix construction paper to thin card stock or the shiny side of a cereal or cracker box (this is free chipboard).
5. Cut out, remembering to use an exacto knife for the collar.
6. Use a black stamp pad, marker or crayon to color edges (so the chipboard doesn’t show).
4. If you want the Gettysburg address for a background, copy and paste it from the previous post, using a script font. Print. Or you can use plain white paper, an old book page or anything else you like for the background.
5. Using a glue stick, affix Gettysburg Address to the shiny side of a cereal box and cut into a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ size (half of a regular sheet of typing paper).
6. Distress edges of script page with black or brown stamp pad.
7. Punch 2 holes at top of scripted shape. Run brown twine or black ribbon or any other type cording you prefer through holes and tie a knot on each side.
8. Glue black silhouette onto front.
9. If you like, you can stamp or print off:

Abraham Lincoln

10. Cut out, glue onto a small piece of black paper, and then glue under silhouette at bottom of page.

I’ll post George Washington’s silhouette on his birthday, February 22.

Sihouette was copied from Holiday Touches for the Country Home, 1990 Leisure Arts.

*Update: Go here for the George Washington silhouette.

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