Made in the U.S.A. – Coke Glasses

Another find from Dollar Tree. All of their glasses are not made in America but these Coca-Cola ones are.

Families tend to be either Pepsi or Coke fans. Mine was loyal to Pepsi. When we married, Joe introduced me to Coke and it’s been the real thing ever since. I just love that burn.

In fact, I put one in the freezer and set the timer for about 1/2 hour. Then when I pull it out and pop a straw into it, it’s slushy and really strong. Wow.

I know all the information about how bad soft drinks are for our bodies, but I just love Coke.

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One response to “Made in the U.S.A. – Coke Glasses

  1. Ha! We have gone between Pepsi and Coke, however the “wind blows”! When DD married her (soon to be ex-) husband, he worked for Frito Lay which is owned by Pepsi. So, in loyalty, we became dedicated Pepsi drinkers, although I have always found it a little too sweet. But eventaully he went to work for Coke — so we switched to all Coke products. Then he went to work for another company that DIDN’T sell either, so we are still dedicated Coke people. I like the Sprite Zero. And I’m going to try your Coke slush (only with Diet Coke or Sprite Zero). Thanks for the tip!

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