Early 1930s Hats

“Typically French”, 1930 McCall’s Quarterly

“A New Slant on Hats”, Harper’s Bazaar, December 1931

Vogue, March 1932

* “Artist Dynevor Rhys’ version of the quintessential 1930s slouch hat decorates this magazine cover. The ‘slouch’, was created by milliner John Frederics, working with famed Hollywood designer Gilbert Adrian, to design Greta Garbo’s ensembles for “A Woman of Affairs”. The slouch hat was pictured in countless ’30s movies, and copies were worn by stylish women everywhere. The 1934 Sears catalog’s version was only 88 cents! Sears proclaimed their price ‘…leaves not excuse for wearing last year’s style’. ”

*All photos and caption information from this post are taken from the book “Vintage Hats and Bonnets 1770 – 1970” by Susan Langley (1998)

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