Home again, home again

Last Thursday I was released from the hospital (for the second time). Finally. Thankfully.

Some people have aversions to hospitals and I was never one of them. Until now. Baylor Grapevine is a nice hospital, and 99% of the employees were in the wonderful category. But after 3 weeks, well… I just wanted to go home.

Still recuperating. Last night I was so discouraged from feeling sick all the time (side effects of the medicine) that I decided maybe it was time to quit taking the pain killers.

12 hours was about all I could handle, so I’m back to the non-narcotic one. Hopefully I can quit it soon.

No word on the biopsy. My husband thinks the researchers must be using it on their doctoral theses.

Sometimes I have to have a talk with myself about the misery. I think about people who suffered with sickness in Stalin’s prisons, Hitler’s concentration camps, G.I.’s and Filipinos on Bataan in World War II, as well as modern martyrs, who had no relief, no comfort.

So, in perspective, I’ve had it not so bad.


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3 responses to “Home again, home again

  1. The surgeon removed the lower lobe of my left lung. What did Roger have done? How long did it take him to recuperate. Sometimes I get so discouraged because it seems like it’s taking forever to feel normal. Hope you’re both doing well.

  2. Carla — I am soooo sorry you have had such a tough time. But, what a WONDERFUL way to look at it when you compared it to the suffering of others. I have come to expect no less from you. 🙂

    Take care, friend. I am praying that you will have a very quick and complete recovery!


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