Books Read in February, 2010

Pilgrim's Inn Pilgrim’s Inn, Elizabeth Goudge This was the second Elizabeth Goudge novel that I’ve read. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. Others consider it their favorite novel by her.

Perhaps the difference is that the book was too mystical for me. I don’t care for fantasy and a little whimsy goes a long way for me.

The basic story line was intriguing: a family exhausted after World War II purchases a very old inn. As they settle in, they begin to discover it’s history, as well as aspects of their own character.

I enjoyed the “Scent of Water” much more. Next, I think I’ll try “Green Dolphin Street”.

The Best Old Movies for Families The Best Old Movies for Families-A guide to Watching Together, Ty Burr

Being a classic movie fan, I ordered this one from Amazon after seeing that all 15 reviews gave it 5 stars. What a great idea! A cohesive plan for introducing classic movies to children!

Then I read it.

My objection to the book is based on a whole lot more than simply what I disliked about it: his fawning idolatry of Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, his preference for the MGM musicals, inclusion of several movies and omission of some of my favorites . And his worldview. I can overlook all of that because I expect that a book written by a critic will include all of those things. I expect it and mostly ignore it.

What I can’t ignore is his profaning the name of Jesus. It is offensive to those of us who are called by His name, i.e. Christians.

And what’s more, the book is really not necessary. I’ve seen about 75% of his recommended titles. Part of the remaining titles are ones that I don’t want to watch (such as Nosferatu the Vampire).

There are plenty of other books available that discuss classic films without all the politics, profanity and smugness.


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2 responses to “Books Read in February, 2010

  1. Ick. I feel sleazy just reading about YOU reading Burr’s book. Thanks for doing the “dirty work” FOR me! 🙂

    • I wanted so to like it when it arrived in the mailbox, but I just can’t like something that defames the name of Jesus. And the author really seemed to enjoy doing just that.

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