It took almost a month, but the pathology report is back.

The mass which was removed (as well as the whole lower lobe of my left lung), was an ephithelioid leiomyosarcoma. It’s a rare condition which usually starts somewhere else.

So now tests will be made to determine if it began in my lung or elsewhere and if it has spread.

Today a PET scan.

M.D. Anderson in about a month.

Recovery from the surgery has been so slow it’s difficult to notice improvement, unless I compare myself to the dark days in the hospital. I can now walk unassisted and am much more awake and aware. The nausea is mostly gone. My appetite has improved a little.

Until all this happened, I had what I like to call a “very healthy appetite”. But the anesthetics, or something, caused my taste buds to go haywire and almost nothing tastes right.

This has been a rough way to lose 25 pounds.


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6 responses to “Diagnosis

  1. I’m glad to have an update, Carla! I will continue to pray for you. In fact, our church is having 24 hours of continuous prayer beginning tomorrow night at 8 p.m. through Good Friday. You’ll be on the list!

  2. Hey, Skinny!

    Okay, they have figured out what it is — now let’s get it fixed, so that you can start enjoying life again!

    Wish I lived just around the corner so that I could come over to drink coffee and talk and laugh with you. And I could bring you fattening desserts to help you get your appetite back! (which, of course, I would have to eat too, because that would just be the neighborly thing to do!)

    You and Joe continue to be in my prayers, Carla.

    Love, Sandy

  3. Thanks, Fran. Happy Easter.

  4. I am going to be saying prayers for you Carla.
    Some one should do a comedy skit on those scan machines and being in them… PET.. do you get to bring your pet with you or do they offer a cuddly sleepy kitty or puppy to keep you company.
    * i am not that funny but someone could make it humorous! haha
    I am going to check out your links, starting with the military one …. have to be quiet here right how.

    p.s. we could start our own list… we just send it to you and you put it on your side bar. (keeping criteria in mind). I have seen some new ones lately…. some have socialist vibes!

    • Mary, the PET scan was a new thing to me. I’ve never even had an MRI. Wish I could’ve had one of the cats with me, or even the beagle.

      Thanks for the prayers.

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