Memorial Day

Family was very important to my father and mother. In fact, Daddy quit school just after the 6th grade to help take care of his mother who was dying of TB. She died when he was 13, and then his father died about 3 years later.

When I was a girl, my family observed Memorial Day by driving to the Mount Hope Cemetery in Afton, Oklahoma. Daddy would buy flowers to put on his parents’ graves. Oh, how I wish I had written down the stories he told. Oklahoma was a new state – only 2 years old – when he was born. In fact, he was the first Edens to be born in the state of Oklahoma. It was still Indian Territory when they came by covered wagon from Missouri. What a bumpy ride that must have been.

Travelling is still a bit exhausting for me since the surgery but I wish we had been able to be in Tulsa this weekend. We would’ve placed a gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers from our pasture on his grave, as we have done in the past.

It’s an honorable act to acknowledge our loved ones who have passed away. That’s the term Daddy and Mama always used. I guess the word “death” seems a bit harsh to us Southerners. We believe that they have passed over the Jordan to be with Jesus.


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2 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. Hello, Carla – Found your blog yesterday and left a comment at a previous post, then returned again today to read more. Prayers and good wishes for your treatment at MDA and kudos for being one stand-up lady with a head more level than most. I will follow your progress.
    I found you in searching for info on the Mary Chilton doll at Pilgrim Hall for an article on cloth dolls I am writing for A Simple Life magazine; read your post and saw your sketch. If you are up to it and have time, I would like to “talk” to you about it further on e-mail. We must be neighbors at least in the North Texas sense, as I live outside Weatherford. Helen P.

  2. I’d love to chat with you. A Simple Life looks like a very interesting magazine (I did an online search for it after reading your other comment). Weatherford is a great town and you are very blessed to live nearby it.

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