Made in the U.S.A. – Dusting Powder Update

Update on the dusting powder:

While we were out this weekend, I looked again at Walgreen for dusting powder. They have Jean Nate and a few designer perfume boxes – all more than I wanted to pay. The clerk and I commiserated with each other about the dearth of the selection.

Good old Wal-Mart.

Spring Fresh Dusting Powder, Lavender scented

$1.68 and that includes a puff.

And made in the U.S.A.


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2 responses to “Made in the U.S.A. – Dusting Powder Update

  1. Ayksha

    Funny, I hadn’t thought about “dusting powder” in a zillion years. LITERALLY, a zillion! I used to get one from my Aunt Dorothy every year for Christmas, and I remember reading about Amelia Bedelia, when told to “dust the furniture” going to get the “dusting powder” and doing what she thought to be a fine job. I looked up the image so I could tell my girlfriend that we’re back to basics in life and here was a whole post about it!

    • Thanks for visiting! Funny how coincidences happen like that, isn’t it?

      Since writing the post a couple of things have changed. I realized that it takes more than “a few drops” of essential oil to really change the fragrance of the dollar store powder; maybe 3x as many as I thought.

      The lavender powder I bought at Dollar Tree is now made in India instead of the U.S.

      Also, I discovered a really wonderful lavender scented dusting powder at the military exchange store. The bottle looks like Shower to Shower, but it has a much nicer fragrance – and I think it’s American made.

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