1950s Cars, Part II

1956 Lincoln

A Lincoln is to dress up and go

A Lincoln is a moving idea with 285 horsepower to second the motion

Each inch is luxury: 222 new inches of beauty and confort based on strength and safety and power

A Lincoln is one of the Ford family of fine cars

Every mile from the dealers’ doors these are the five best ways to get from place to place

the Ford * the Thunderbird * the Mercury * the Lincoln * the Continental”

1956 De Soto Firedome 4-Door Station Wagon

“One of 5

1 Pushbutton PowerFlite. Chrysler Corporation leads the field again with the driving advance of the year! Like magic – you just push a button and go! No levers or gears to bother with. Pushbutton PowerFlite is as easy as ringing a doorbell. Its simple mechanical design has been fully tested and perfected. Why not try it today?

2 Power Steering all the time! Other cars still haven’t caught up with Chrysler Corporation’s full-time Power Steering! It helps you 60 minutes of every driving hour!

3 Extra Power Longer! No other American passenger car V-8 engines have dome-type combustion chambers!

4 Safest Brakes! Chrysler Corporation brings you the biggest advance in brakes in 25 years! Easier, surer, less adjusting, longer lining life!

5 Brightest Design Note of 1956! THE FLIGHT-SWEEP – one clean aerodynamic sweep from headlight to upswept rear fender!

You get so much more for what you pay in a car of Chrysler Corporation. See your dealer now!


See Chrysler Corporation’s Great TV Shows, “Shower of Stars” and “Climax!” Thursday nights, CBS-TV

I apologize for the poor quality of these photographs. It has again become difficult to scan things in, and really difficult to get a good photo. When you click on each picture to enlarge, the quality improves.
These ads are from the April 27, 1956 Collier’s Magazine

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