Long time no post.

Keeping up with our two grandsons has become my priority and as much as I really enjoy blogging, it has had to come second or third or somewhere else down the list. And rightly so. People are more important than things.

When I have time to think, sometimes I think about possible posts and ones that won’t take as much time or research but still be fun. Hopefully this weekend, I can write several as drafts and have them ready to publish.

Those of you that have checked back only to find no new posts: thanks for hanging around.


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2 responses to “Whew

  1. I think about you, Carla and wonder how you are doing. It’s nice to hear even this little bit. Take care.

  2. The good plans I had for banking some future posts didn’t pan out this weekend.

    I had about 3 hours free time: it was spent watching another episode of “Wind at My Back” with my neighbor and then taking a nap.

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