Some ‘Q’ words with no ‘U’

From Schott’s Original Miscellany, by Ben Schott:

1. Qadi

2. Qanat

3. Qanon

4. Qasida

5. Qere

6. Qhat

7. Qi

8. Qiviut
The wool of the undercoat of the musk ox


9. Qwerty
Definition of QWERTY
: a standard typewriter or computer keyboard —called also QWERTY keyboard
Origin of QWERTY
from the first six letters in the second row of the keyboard
First Known Use: 1929
Rhymes with QWERTY
dirty, flirty, shirty, thirty

If attempting to use these in Scrabble, I recommend having on hand a really up-to-date dictionary, because the online Webster’s, doesn’t list the first seven.


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2 responses to “Some ‘Q’ words with no ‘U’

  1. Wow, Carla — you talk about timely! I’m sitting here in the hospital, spending some of my down time between therapies playing a word game called Word Wit. And whenever I start a new game, the first thing I do is check to see where the “Q’s” are and were the “U’s” are to make sure that I at least have a chance to use all the letters. Now I’m going to copy down this list of words to use when I don’t have a U to go with those pesky Q’s.

    I’d much rather you were one of the friends who come to sit at my bedside and chat, but this is a wonderful gift from across all those miles instead. Thank you, friend. 🙂

    • Wow, Sandra, I’m glad I could help. That little book I’ve been getting these posts from has another section about useful but obscure words; I’ll try to post some more of them later today.

      I love to play games: word games, board games, cards, dominoes, etc.

      Wish I was there to learn to play Word Wit.

      Now that’s a title that fits a witty wordsmith like you!

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