Go Go Boots a la 1966

My parents bought me a pair of white Go Go boots about 1965 when I was in the 5th grade, a year before these were featured in the 1966 Fall/Winter Catalog. I loved them and felt so stylish and teenagery.

Go Go boots were absolutely the In Thing. I remember seeing lots of pairs of them unevenly lined up under the benches at The Wheel on Friday nights. The Wheel was the roller rink at the edge of Mohawk Park in Tulsa and my friend Judy would pick me up to go with her. When you rented the skates, you simply put your shoes/boots under the bench – not in a locker. Our friend, Carol had her Go Go boots stolen one night. Carol’s boots were probably a big temptation because her family had more money than the rest of us in Mingo, and I’m sure that her boots were probably more expensive.

It was always a little scary there to me because we were just about 10 years old and the greasers were there, too. Remember how the kids looked in “The Outsiders“? That’s them. Something about how they just looked made me uneasy – and I never ever saw anything worse than somebody smoking outside the door. But the boys did have the greased back hair and and wore pointed-toed black shoes (kind of like the ones that the band members are wearing in the Pretty Woman link below). The girls had lots of eye make-up and would crowd into the tiny girls’ bathroom. Roy Orbison’s played on the p.a. (public address system) a lot. The kids seemed to really like it.

Whenever I hear that song I don’t think about the hooker movie; no, I’m back at The Wheel.

Perhaps Susie Hinton was there, too. She went to Rogers High School and was writing “The Outsiders” at that time. These are the people she was writing about.

Aren’t these knee socks and stockings just the coolest thing?! We wore lots of them.

Here I’m striking an embarrassingly silly pose on the back of my dad and brother’s work truck in our front yard. This would’ve been about 1966 (not ’65 as I tagged the photo) and the knee socks look just like the ones from the catalog, so Mama may’ve ordered them from that very page.

But I confess, I even wore them with my cowboy boots – no photo of that (and you should be grateful)!


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20 responses to “Go Go Boots a la 1966

  1. Linda Hillen

    I still have my pair and they’re in pretty good shape. I still wear them once in a while. LMH

  2. Linda Hillen

    I forgot to mention that I still have my 1969 Tie Weejuns too.

    • I just love old shoes and have bought several pairs at the antique mall. However, the only old ones of mine that I have are my bronzed baby shoes-as-bookends, and possibly my wedding shoes, which will be 38 years old tomorrow.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. ss

    Thank you for the goo go boots comments.
    I tried on and wore my babysitters go go boots about the same time as you did–they were lined with soft foamed nylon tricot. I didnt want to take them off and I NEVER forgot how great they felt on my feet and legs!
    I miss boots, shoes and dresses from the 1960’s–they felt great on!

  4. Corrine

    My sisters and I were on face book recently sharing our favorite things of “old”, go go boots were on the top of everyone’s list, along with baby oil and iodine for tanning, oh and dont forget the lemon juice in your hair. Good times !

    • GoGo boots were simply a cool,clean fashion for young girls during a time when it was fun to see what the newest style would be. Empire waist or low waist with a big belt? Shift or tent dress? And so many ways to do your hair.

      It was a great time to be young.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Sandi Reilly

    Hi, I had four pairs of these boots, I bought them at Sears. I found they had the best quality (the second pair came from somewhere else and I didn’t like them at all, the shape was off too). I would have saved them but my Nani tossed everything out (even though she had an attic full of her Parents things, which I now have)!
    What catalog is this page out of? I’ve seen the second boot page on another Google search last year. I missed buying a pair on eBay about 5 years ago, I placed a bid but didn’t know what the maximum bid was back then and went to visit a friend an lost out and they sold for $9.99!! My size and in excellent shape, have never seen them at that price since!

  6. Sandi Reilly

    I remember now what I didn’t like about the the second pair. They were vinyl, the other three pairs were leather and they didn’t cost much either.

  7. jeanne

    I remember having white ones, and gold ones, too. The gold ones were some sort of synthetic foil, and peeled off to reveal black underneath. I wore them with my “poor boy” clothes. We were so cool back then!

  8. Emma

    I wish they still sold knee socks like this, they’re impossible to find now, what happened?! Cable knee socks used to be a staple and I had them in every color. I looked forward every year to the weather cooling down so I could brake out all of my wool knee socks, so comfy and cute!

  9. Pat

    I am looking for a pair of the 1960 white go-go boots mentioned in the stories I just read. I can not find the low heal, mid calf style. Can anybody help? thanks

  10. Sue Feathers

    Will some of you please please help me find a pair of the ‘66 white leather go go boots? Low heel and zipper up the back. I’m sixty five years old and want so very much a pair in size 8. I’ve looked everywhere I know of but just can’t find them. Is there anyone that can help me?
    Sue Feathers
    Des Moines, Iowa

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