Household Greenery, Using What You Have

For years I’ve seen the hint in magazines and books about growing herbs and things on the kitchen windowsill, but they usually instruct one to purchase all kinds of things, like an already growing plant (have you seen the price of the potted herbs at the grocery store?). And all the special starting pots and fertilizer, etc. Not my way of doing things, so for years I didn’t even try it.

Houseplants don’t fare well in my care, so I quit buying them years ago. However, I still like them and decided to try and see what I could do with … well, with nothing fancy.

So I got to thinking about what I could do with what I already had; for instance that sack of old seed packets in the closet. (Even when I buy good quality seeds, my good intentions don’t always get me very far – like into the garden plot. But I’m too cheap to throw them away, because one never knows. Maybe they’ll grow even if they’re old. Well, they did!)

Obviously nothing was purchased for this little experiment. An empty tuna can, green beans can, a few old book pages, and some white glue. And thankfully, some leftover, good quality potting soil. Oh, yes, and lettuce seeds that were at least 5 years old.

While I honestly don’t recommend searching for outdated seeds, why not use them if they’re just sitting around?

Very pleased I was with the results!

Except that the can with the plant in it looked a little naked so I covered it with book page paper also.

Be sure to hammer a few nail holes into the taller can so it can drain.

What I learned from this step was to not cover the whole can down to the bottom with the paper. This puts it into the water line and it wicks up and stains the paper.

Voila! Edible houseplants! For free!

Update: For outdoor ideas of a similar nature, go to this post on Make Mine Beautiful. Polly is a professional and shares tons of ideas.

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7 responses to “Household Greenery, Using What You Have

  1. Hi Carla. Thanks so much for linking up to my post on starting seedlings in tin cans. Aren’t those can some handy little dookers? I use them for everything. I also used a bunch of old seeds and had great success.
    Haven’t tried lettuce yet, but now that I see it works, I just might add it to my list for this spring. I start my seedlings the first week of March and I’m able to put them in the ground by late April. Perfect for container gardening!

    • Glad you reminded me about starting the seedlings. I always think of my friend, Julie, in England. She started her tomato plants from seed about February and they did very well. Loved your website and thanks for visiting mine!

  2. Thank you for the comments on Fenway! 🙂 We have two beagles, Fenway and Tessie. I love the name Peter Parker! Ours is actually Fenway Parker, because of Fenway Park…hehee. We got ours here in NC. They were born country dogs. =D

    • It was fun looking at your pictures of the dogs and I’ve bookmarked your blog so I can visit often.

      Our grandson named Petey when he was in a Spiderman phase. How funny that yours is also a Parker!

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