1965 Hairstyles How To (Part I)

Yesterday I mentioned that the “Gidget” television show was filmed in 1965 and these styles are of course from the same time. Remember how Sally Field’s hair was never the same style from one scene to the next?

Here are a couple of styles and the instructions for how to get them from the January 1965 issue of Seventeen magazine.


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3 responses to “1965 Hairstyles How To (Part I)

  1. What a fun experience it is, Carla, to come here and see things that spark memories from so long ago. I took Seventeen magazine during my teen years and I remember trying hair styles that they gave instructions for, like these.

    Thanks for the memories, friend. 😉

  2. Sandra, I could tell from some of the photos on your blog that you were one of those stylish, 60’s cuties.

    The styles were so flattering. Girls looked like girls.

    I graduated in 1972 and the styles were already getting really horrible.

    Women who were young in the 1960s were really blessed to have such cute fashions.

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