Anxiety, the thief

Go here for the previous Charles Spurgeon quote.

This page is taken from the small book “Heroes of the Faith, Memorable Quotes from Men and Women of Faith”, Daniel Partner-Editor.


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2 responses to “Anxiety, the thief

  1. I love this quote. I wish I could remember to live by it!

    Carla, I read your post about having to relinquish custody of your grandkids and am absolutely stunned that the two posts that you mention were used against you. What a spin! I found nothing wrong with the posts. This world is so twisted and run amuck that I have found myself in the position frequently (lately, especially) with no recourse other than to lift up my eyes to where my help comes from. God alone.

  2. He is the only hope we have. And even though we may not see the outcome in things during our time here on earth,He is still on the throne and our faith is in Him, not our circumstances or what we can see.

    It is not a pleasant thing to walk into a court proceeding and see one’s blog printed off to be used as a weapon against you. They were absolutely ruthless. But God is our defender and He reigns.

    I really appreciate your kind words and support.

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