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Choosing Links

Blogs are one of the most gratifying ways to use the internet. There are so many topics, styles of writing, categories and information. There’s just so much.

It’s like reading free magazines and I love reading good magazines.

Some are better than others. Some have fantastic photography, recipes, insight or humor. Free blog hosts like WordPress allow anyone to publish their own mini magazine/newspaper/cookbook, or ______________ . Fill in the blank.

But there are some that are like the type of magazines that you make you feel crummy just by opening them and you certainly won’t do that again.

But mostly, they’re just fun and entertaining and maybe I’ll learn a little something.

Finding new ones is like rolling a snowball downhill. It’s sure easy to keep picking up more and more because of individual Link Lists or BlogRolls or My Favorite Places, etc. Sometimes it just keeps going and going and it’s difficult to remember where I even started.

One of the things that I’m learning on this journey is – not to add one to my Link List too quickly. Generally, I first try to read a blog for quite a while and find out what it’s really about. I know that I’m not going to agree with anyone else 100% of the time, but there are red flags to watch for, such as apostasy, hedonism, street language or just crudity.

I try to visit the ones on my list regularly. Most of them are there for my convenience anyway because I visit them so often. But today, I felt that I needed to delete of them because of newly posted pictures that were not exactly pornography, but definitely lusty and designed to be that way. Never mind what the world is telling us about being sexy and provocative – Jesus told us that lust is simply not okay. If I keep that blog listed, then I’m actually endorsing it by clearing a path to it’s door.

Even though they have the freedom of speech to do what they want with their blog (within the limitations of their host), it doesn’t mean that I have to endorse it. When I post that I’m a Christian, there should be the expectation that I’m not going to recommend something that will lead people away from Jesus.

Another thing that worries me is that some of my favorite blogs (including some on my Link List), have some links that I’m uncomfortable with and I’m not sure what to do about that. Those blog authors don’t have a problem with false religions – including but not limited to – secular humanism and liberal politics.

For now, let’s just say that mine have been vetted, but I can’t endorse all of the ones on their BlogRoll.

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Londonderry Air

(Click on the images for enlargement.)

The origin of this tune is shrouded in mystery, although there are several theories (as is the case whenever historians get involved in anything). I first knew it as Danny Boy, but those lyrics are 20th century. Then in Mingo Glee Club we learned the traditional words under the title “Londonderry Air”. Apparently, it first appeared in print in 1855, after being submitted by Miss Jane Ross, who was taking down traditional Irish folk tunes and heard this one from an itinerant fiddler in the county of Londonderry.

Go here for a more complete account.

These pages are from the Treasure Chest of World-Wide Songs, published in 1936, Treasure Chest Publications, New York, New York.

Go here for the music to Killarney.

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