Movies and Vintage Televison, February 2011


*The Conquest, Martin Sheen, Trevor Howard. This idiotic attempt to NewAge the Catholic Church is so awful that even imdb doesn’t list it. It just goes to show that even some things are not worth $1.00 at the dollar store. Poor Trevor Howard.
DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED – can there be minus stars?

*I Remember Mama (1948), Irene Dunne, Oscar Homolka, family/drama, go here for part I.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – an absolutely wonderful film for the whole family.


*Remember the Night (1940), Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, comedy/drama/romance, youtube, go here for part I and here for a insightful review by a Hollywood screenwriter.

*51 Birch Street, documentary filmed by the son of a couple whose marriage isn’t what it seems to be; Hulu.

RECOMMENDED, with reservations.

*The Gay Sisters (1942), Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, drama/romance, youtube, go here for part I.

At the Theater

*The King’s Speech, go here for official movie trailer. Incredibly well done account of Queen Elizabeth’s father overcoming his severe stuttering affliction.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – on this rare occasion I forgo my reticence over the R rating. It is for hard language in one scene, and it’s pertinent.

*Voyage of the Dawn Treader, go here for official movie trailer
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (has some intense scenes that may frighten younger children)

Vintage Television
*Dragnet, 1952
*The Outer Limits
*The Fugitive, season 4
*Rawhide, season 1
*The Wild, Wild West, season 1
*The Loretta Young Show
*Hazel, season 1
*Columbo, season 1

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