Unexpected Turns

Texas in April

When we left for Grapevine last night, it never occurred to me that we’d end up at the police station – but that’s exactly what happened.

We were almost to the library when we saw a pile of mail lying next to the storm drain. Joe stopped and I got out and got it, thinking that it had blown out of someone’s mailbox by the terrific winds we’ve been having.

But as I looked through it, it looked more like something that had blown out of a recycling box, because the envelopes were torn open. Then I came to the check that was written for … well, let’s just say … several thousand dollars. Again, I thought, someone carelessly put a canceled check into recycling.

No. It was a new check. Last week’s date and uncashed.

As I got back into the car, I said “I think we’d better go to the police station.” In the short amount of time it took to go the 2 or 3 blocks, I counted four more checks, although none as large as the first.

We turned it in, filled out our part of the police report then pondered about what had happened. Our guess is that someone had gone through some mailboxes (looking for cash?) and threw the rest out of their car window.

At the library, I told the clerk that I needed to pay for an item.. We had taken a Hank the Cowdog audio on our last trip and now I can’t find it. The clerk asked me if I was sure that I hadn’t turned it in – because there was no record of it being late. I thought I was sure, but then doubt was introduced.

You know, yesterday was an odd day.


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8 responses to “Unexpected Turns

  1. That thing with the checks IS really odd. I’m afraid the curiosity to know what happened would drive me to calling the police station later to see what I could learn. I’m kind of nosy that way. 🙂

    Re. the library book — I suspect that story more often goes the other way. Many years ago I KNOW I returned a book to the library, but the librarian insisted I hadn’t so I ended up paying for the book. I like your way better. 🙂

  2. Well, Sandra, I knew that curiosity would get the best of me, too. So I asked the policeman if I could call in a week or so (he thought that only a week was optimistic) and he gave me a phone number. I’ll do an update as soon as I hear anything.

    As to the library problem, I had to pay for a book several years ago that I had turned in at the Keller Library. Unfortunately, when a patron returns an item, there’s no proof. The only way around this that I’ve figured out, is to turn in the books upon arrival, then a few minutes later, check my account to verify that they were all cleared from my card. With technology what it is, that’s really not very onerous.

    Funny thing about that audio book, is that I’m almost positive that we didn’t return it. The clerk’s explanation is that it probably didn’t scan when I was checking out, but then it did not set off the alarm at the door (for unchecked out items) when I left. That makes 2 or 3 coincidences.

    They’re planning on doing an inventory of the Hank the Cow Dog audios to see if it’s accounted for.

  3. What I enjoyed most about your post is that you stopped to put the mail back in its place. Most people wouldn’t have done that or even gone a step further and brought it to the police station.

    • Well, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I wish I always did what I know to be right, but then, that’s why I need Jesus.

      I guess I’m kind of sensitive about strewn about mail and such. We live out in the country and our mailbox has been bashed twice and is a bit bent. The door doesn’t shut very easily and sometimes the mailman is in a hurry and just kind of flips it up. We’ve come home and found the door standing wide open and Thank the Lord we haven’t lost any mail.

      So that’s what I would’ve wanted someone to do for me if they found my mail lying on the ground.

  4. Carla,

    Thanks for stopping by- What a sweet comment that Grandma doesn’t look 90- I will share that with her! 😉
    Kudos to you for picking up the mail- what a horrible feeling to think that someone has gone through your mail- hope they figure out the person….
    Beautiful bluebonnets- just took a picture of a field not too long ago myself!!

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