Does the Flour Make a Difference?

Frankly, I never thought so until a couple of months ago. I thought that flour was flour. Although I didn’t really trust the store brands (except for Sam’s Club), I honestly thought that the type or brand didn’t matter. Usually, we just buy the 25 pound sacks of the Baker’s Secret (store brand) all-purpose flour at Sam’s and use it for everything from bread to cake to cookies, and the results are usually pretty tasty. But then I started thinking …

The first time I’d ever heard of King Arthur was when looking through one of those dreamy-wish-book-kitchen-catalogs. I don’t remember how much it cost, but it was pretty pricey. Then a few weeks ago, I saw their bread flour on the shelf at Wal-Mart for about $3.15, so I decided to try it.

Using the same recipe that we’ve used for years, suddenly the crust was really good. I mean really good. In fact, it was the best pizza I’ve ever made. And I used it for my Country White Loaf and it was noticeably better.

This week I bought a box of Swan’s Down Cake Flour.

What I’m expecting is a really lovely cake.

Founded in 1790, King Arthur is America’s oldest bread company. In 1996, it became employee owned and is headquartered in New England.

For more information on King Arthur –
general information: go here,
company history: go here,
baking blogs: go here,
recipes (including gluten-free): go here.

Swans Down has been around since 1894. For recipes on their website, go here.
This page has a pdf link for “Six Steps for Baking Success.”

So, to answer my own query: Yes. It does.

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6 responses to “Does the Flour Make a Difference?

  1. I’m going to try the same experiment, Carla. I’ll try pizza dough tomorrow–one batch with regular; one with King Arthur. Thanks for linking this to Food on Fridays, because I like to learn what makes a difference. I found that Daisy cottage cheese has the purest ingredients of regular grocery store options (as opposed to health food store brands). The other cottage cheeses had extra ingredients.

    • Ann,

      When I buy cottage cheese it’s for my husband because I don’t eat it, but I’m certainly going to be aware of reading the labels from now on. Daisy is the brand of sour cream I buy for the same reason as yours. It would’ve occurred to me that sour cream or cottage cheese had extra ingredients, but sadly, they do. Braum’s is a regional chain of dairy/ice cream stores and their milk is hormone-free. I’ll check the list of ingredients on their other products.

  2. Very interesting. I must see if that brand is available at our WalMart. Swans Down Cake flour is my favorite for home made cake – – Thanks for sharing the links too!

  3. So glad you noticed a positive difference with our flour! Here’s a bit more info on why:

    Happy baking!

    • Thanks; I was pleased to have even better handmade/homemade pizza. I forgot to mention in the post that my Country White loaf was improved, too.

      Great product!

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