New Blog on the Block

My Heart's Song

Geneva and her husband (Buzz) are some of the finest folks we know. They love Jesus, are kind, thoughtful and very, very talented.

We first met over 25 years ago when they were partners in a country/antique/vintage enterprise in Keller. Their next enterprise was a shop featuring Victorian style gifts, jewelry and custom framing.

Buzz excels at woodworking, furniture making and garden decor.

Geneva is hands down the best decorator I’ve ever known. Their homes have rivaled anything in Country Living and bested most of it.

Now retired, they sold their brick home and bought a mobile home out in the country. Here’s the story of how it came about. Since then, they’ve been using their God-given talents on it. The photos I’ve seen have been impressive. I hope she posts all of them.

Well, anyway,she’s begun a blog and I encourage you to visit her at My Heart’s Song.


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3 responses to “New Blog on the Block

  1. Geneva

    Thank You Carla… There would be fewer pictures and more writing on my blog if I could write as well as you.

  2. Very sweet and gracious of you, Geneva.

  3. I went over and looked at the photos of their home’s transformation. Very impressive. Thanks for directing me there. 🙂

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