1963 Barbie Paper Doll

(I finally got this to upload – Enjoy!)

Because the folder is larger than my scanner, the top line was cut off. It reads: “Clothes ready to punch out ~ no scissors necessary”.

Barbie ~ Whitman #1976:59

Both the Barbie and Ken in this set are copyrighted with the year 1962, but the published date of the folder is 1963.

Barbie’s clothes in this set also fit the Whitman #1963 set, copyrighted 1962. That Barbie has a bubble cut hairstyle, too, but is blond.

The flared red coat was called either a trapeze style or swing, I think, and the length was referred to as a car coat.

Go here for the Ken doll from this set.


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8 responses to “1963 Barbie Paper Doll

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  2. Geneva

    This takes me back… I had to pin the blue set to one of my boards. So cute!

  3. It’s amazing to me, Carla, that you are quite a bit younger than me, but when I read your posts about your childhood or teen years they seem so much like mine! Thanks for making me feel younger (Or does it just make you feel older! I hope not!) 🙂

    • Sandra, it doesn’t seem like I’m quite a bit younger than you. I think my sister is about your age.

      As far as making me feel older – it doesn’t, but occasionally I get a wake-up call about my age when I hear a very familiar song then realize that it’s almost 50 years old! Oh, my.

  4. /

    I `m a great fan of Barbie! I’m in love with her from my 6 years old! At this time, my little love the time with my 30 years Barbie!. I´m tuned too with news about her from Barbie Wow news. Thanks!

  5. Diana

    Thanks for the memories!!!

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