1963 Ken Paper Doll

1963 Whitman #1976:59 (back cover)

1963 Ken

Mattel copyrighted these images in 1962, but the Whitman folder was dated 1963.

Go here for the Barbie from this set.


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4 responses to “1963 Ken Paper Doll

  1. Rainnie

    Here’s my fashion updates blog:

  2. Mary MacDonald

    Thank you so much for your site. I printed the barbie and ken then cut out pictures of my husbands sister and her husbands heads. It is their 50th wedding anniversary and it was a pleasure to find these dolls to make a fun card with these cut-outs. I made a large card for everyone to sign and the dolls were part of the card. Thank You so much.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them and thanks for visiting.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my original paper dolls; they’re all replacements.

      There are many, many sites on the internet with great postings of vintage paper dolls. Marges8 in my blogroll is an excellent source. Also, you can search on Pinterest or ebay. Many times the Pinterest link will give a full size image for copying.

  3. Petronella Sabol

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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