Books Read in August, 2010

Until We Reach Home/ Lynn Austin (2008). Historical Fiction.

This Christian novel is the story of 3 young Swedish women who immigrate to the United States in 1897. Although it took about 2 chapters for me to get into the story, after that I could hardly put it down.

Highly Recommended.

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession/Allison Hoover Bartlett (2010). Non-Fiction.

Apparently Bartlett expanded her magazine article on book thief, John Gilkey, into a book.

Rarely do I buy books that I know nothing about. Too many times in the past I’ve been burned and ended up with something fit only for paper projects.

However, the title grabbed me. I stood in Sam’s and flipped through it. The subject matter was very intriguing to a book-lover so I bought it.

It’s a partial account of a contemporary man who very boldly steals books. And not just the run-of-the-mill books. Rare ones. Very valuable ones.

Did the author intentionally leave the readers wanting more; or was it that she just didn’t know how to end it (because the saga continues) or maybe she just didn’t know how to flesh out the story?

Gilkey is relentless and unrepentant. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much is a fascinating read, but it would’ve been helpful had Bartlett spared us her political and world views. Personally, I don’t care what she thinks.

I just wanted to know more about John Gilkey.


The Body in the Library/Agatha Christie (1942). Mystery.

Mrs. Bantry of Gossington Hall is awakened by her hysterical maid who has just discovered the body of a stranger on the rug downstairs. How satisfying for the Bantry’s to have Miss Marple as a close friend at such a time and so the fluffy spinster is called in to speed up the investigation.

So typically Agatha Christie and a very satisfying read.

Highly Recommended if you like cozy mysteries.

D.E. Stevenson

Celia’s House/D.E. Stevenson (1943). Fiction.

Publishers must think that book buyers judge a book by it’s cover. Nothing else explains the swill they print on them.

Celia’s House is a lovely, cozy read. The back cover of the edition I read had some utter nonsense about the younger generation trying to carry on and being at odds with their elders. There’s absolutely nothing like that in the book – at all.

It’s just a nice story set in the early part of the 20th century, about a Scottish family and their ancestral home. Of course, everyone isn’t nice. There are a couple of ne’er-do-well characters who give it a little literary tension.

I have several D.E. Stevenson paperbacks that were reprinted in the mid-70s and they have the most atrocious cover art. Here is an example of one edition of Celia’s House (not the one I read but I want to post it just as an example).

Please don't judge this book by the cover.

It was just last week that I read this book, and my memory is fresh and I don’t think a goat was ever mentioned.


So, ignore the cover and if you like cozy reads, this one is Highly Recommended.


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6 responses to “Books Read in August, 2010

  1. Geneva

    Wonderful book reviews Carla. I’m ready to head to the library!
    I also love your new header…just perfect!

  2. Thanks, Geneva.

    When I began this blog, one of my goals was to have a new header each month. Several times I have utterly failed, but am trying to get back on track. I really am.

  3. I own four of Lynn Austin’s books and love them! I don’t have this one…I’ll have to watch for it! Thanks Carla! Have you read any of Francine River’s books? I really enjoy Robin Lee Hatcher too… several others! I could read 24/7 but I have to stamp too!

    • Glad to know that you like Lynn Austin, too! Her books are very well written and she has a real talent for making her characters come alive. After reading “While We’re Far Apart”, I thought a lot about Penny

      Had to laugh at the “I could read 24/7 but I have to stamp too”. I took a break from making embellishments to come over and check the computer.

  4. Marlendy

    Hello! D.E. Stevenson is a new author to me, I love to read cozy mysteries, in fact paper back books are taking over my bedroom. Your review makes me going to try this one.

    I so do enjoy your blog. I sat over the weekend and looked at it from beginning to end.

    I also am one who could read 24/7 but I hold an office job and am a frustrated artist. Frustrated because I have to work when I would rather draw. Have a nice evening. Marge

  5. Marge, how kind of you!

    I’ve loved paper dolls my whole life and never even thought about drawing my own until I joined a round robin a few years ago. My efforts were amateurish, but lots of fun.

    Your blog is a paper doll lover’s dream. Hopefully you’ll get some visits from the links on Pinterest. I’ve only posted a few so far and am trying to honor your request to go slowly with it.

    Thanks for award. Wow!

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