Pecan Grove

Yesterday I posted pictures of downtown Dallas. Today’s post is something a little closer to my heart – the countryside.

There are several large pecan groves in our area of north Texas (as well as in NE Oklahoma where I grew up).

This is quite a large grove; there are hundreds of trees all lined up, row after row.

Looks like the husbandman has planted a replacement, and is guarding it from… deer?

Perhaps city vs. country is kind of like the question: What kind of vacation do you prefer?

Mountains or beach?

Mountains are gloriously beautiful, but a bit overwhelming. And I guess the giant buildings of Dallas remind me of the that, at least in how I feel surrounded by them.

The beach is my favorite place. And if I can’t be at the beach, a pecan grove will do just fine.

Isn’t that an inviting looking little path?


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2 responses to “Pecan Grove

  1. Hi Carla… I loved your post and the photographs! Enjoyed every word… I love that Pecan Grove…know exactly which one it is! Loved all of your Dallas pictures too… Very Nice! I always feel like a tourist when I’m down there too. “:o) Hope all is going well.. you’re still in my prayers!

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