Upcycled Tablet Case

“Goodwill kid’s shirt + bubble wrap + retired flexy plastic cutting board + duct tape, and a little sewing machine action…viola, custom case/sleeve for my tablet.”

Lance, my husband’s nephew, posted his project on Facebook, and with his permission, I share it with you.

Clever fellow.


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12 responses to “Upcycled Tablet Case

  1. Lance came up with a great idea … and it’s actually really cute! Glad he gave you permission to share. I love that he used the pocket as well…Perfect!

  2. And he won’t confuse his bag with anyone else’s! To me all computer bags look alike; kind of like suitcases at the airport. Anything that’s not black really stands out on the luggage carousel.

  3. That boy may find his calling yet! And, if you don’t want the tablet bag, he could outfit you with a prosthetic! 🙂

  4. The comment above (which looks like it’s from me, but is my husband’s) refers to Lance’s work with prosthetics for amputees.

  5. How clever! Looks like the perfect gift for Father’s Day, especially if comes with a tablet inside 😉

  6. so clever and creative! awesome!

  7. I think that was one of my old shirts!
    Kissie Face 🙂

  8. Joe

    I don’t have a tablet, but I like the idea!!

  9. Joe

    Carla can’t leave a post today, since we are picking up the grandsons 125 miles away. In the mean time, we could think of other things that this neat bag could be used for! :-O

  10. I agree — what a clever guy. It’s always fun to see something so practical and still creative. 🙂

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