Adoration of the Kings wall hanging

Adoration of the Kings by Antoinette Brinks

This is an attractive, kind of mid-century Christmas decoration that I found in one of my magazines.

A few years ago when we were in Watertown, New York visiting our son and his family, he and I went to a really great thrift store downtown. It was messy, dust was everywhere. However – not only did they have fantastic bargains, they even had a free table – right out on the sidewalk!

I was thrilled to find lots of old craft magazines from the 1950s and 60s for only .50 each. Today’s post was in one of them.

This was before – way before – photocopiers. When a pattern required enlarging, one was supposed to mark off a grid, then draw the pattern off box by box, using the original as a guide. Therefore, it was possible to increase it to any desirable size.

But it was work.

Now, we just slap something on our home copier (something almost unheard of even into the 80s) and set the size for enlargement.

(The instructions look kind of blurry until you click on them for enlargement.)

[This project is taken from the 1965 McCall’s Christmas Make-it Ideas, Vol. VIII magazine.]


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4 responses to “Adoration of the Kings wall hanging

  1. Carla, I’ve been enjoying your Christmas posts…They’re Wonderful!
    I’m still dreaming of doing some kind of craft but I’d better hurry…I can feel the days clicking by. Thank you for visiting my blog today…my new header was fun…it’s an old photograph I bought at the antique mall in Watauga.. and speaking of antique malls…you have to come and go to the one in Frisco with me. It’s Fabulous!!!!

  2. It looks like a good one. Maybe on the next couple of weekends we could come over and go there?

  3. What a find! I would really like to come upon a stacks of those mid-century craft magazines. Thanks for sharing. I’m enjoying a browse through your archived posts.

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