Pearl Harbor Day

Didn’t have the post ready for today, but here’s the link to a previous one I wrote about Pearl Harbor.

You don’t have to have been a visitor here very often to know that I have a great deal of admiration and gratitude to those serving in the U.S. military.

However, those who use their service to abuse other veterans don’t have my gratitude – just my contempt, at best.

Those who work for the Veteran’s Administration and use their passcodes to check up on the files of their enemies.

Or those who denigrate, debase and defame other veterans in court.

You know who you are.

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  1. Joe

    Is there some mysterious disease among certain folks with military backgrounds that leads them to defame and smear their fellow veterans and, possibly, their active military mates? John Murtha was one example: a true war hero who amazingly fell into a corrupt lifestyle after his exemplary service as a U.S. Marine hero. John Kerry is another.

    I call these men scum bags; perhaps because they’re immersed in and debauched by the Democrat party (most of the ones I know of are Democrats) or maybe it’s something more mundane. No matter what the cause is, I think they’re corrupted and no longer seem to aspire to the patriotic, Christian ideals that make America the greatest nation on God’s Green Earth (a phrase that Michael Medved repeats every day on his radio show).

    When our son (an Army veteran of the Afghan war) was publicly taunted, ridiculed and chased by one of these people, it fairly took our breath away at how disgusting one can become who has served honorably in the United States Military. That man is employed by the V.A.; my wife related a phone conversation in which he told her that he’d looked into our son’s V.A. file and knew that our son had not kept an appointment at a V.A. clinic. Looks like an admission from his own mouth that he violated the HIPPA law.

    What was so offensive and reprehensible about that personal experience is that this particular man attacking our son is our grandsons’ step-grandfather. He was supporting our ex-Daughter-in-Law in her attempt to keep our son from the court ordered visiting of his two sons.

    Another of the dishonorable veterans (in our opinion) was the ex-daughter-in-law’s drug lawyer. He falsely accused our son of being discharged from the military for spousal abuse and was vicious beyond belief to him on the witness stand. The mouthpiece claimed to have served as a J.A.G. officer. Maybe an officer, certainly not a gentleman.

    How do these people sleep at night? Do they not know that one day we will all stand before a righteous judge – without the benefit of a slick-talking man whose normal clientèle are drug abusers?

    We have been trying desperately to rescue our two grandsons from their drug using (failed the drug test and admitted usage in court), party hard (verified by her family members and former neighbors) mother who has neglected their schooling (we have the attendance records – out of the first month of school, the boys were tardy and absent between 15-20 days), sends the kids to school (when they do go) in pajamas, dirty teeth, adult clothing, without proper nutrition (we have talked with the schools – this has happened at more than one) and demands that we do not speak to them about our Christian faith.

    This daughter-in-law (apparently from someplace besides Heaven) has exposed these two precious boys to a seemingly endless series of temporary housing, multiple schools during one school year, drug scenes where she is not able to function (we were told by police), spotty meals, an unstable suicidal boy-friend and other unsavory persons, evictions and (finally!) an arrest for theft (she was not charged in another state because her victim was also a drug user and wouldn’t press charges), false accusations of assault (our son is not her only victim), abuse toward other adults (in addition other incidents we’ve been told of, the ex-dil attacked my wife when she was living with us),so that we despair of the boys reaching adulthood with any education, stable life, grounding in our American heritage or even of adequate food for the growth of their bodies to manhood.

    The State of Texas has supported this by dismissing both court cases we have brought to try to rescue the boys.

    We cry out to God for help and rescue.

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