Holy Family craft project

Please excuse the blurry edges – it’s very difficult to scan these old magazines. I flattened it as much as possible.

The images will clear up when enlarged twice. Click then click again.

[Taken from McCall’s Christmas Make-it Ideas Vol. VIII, 1965; by Antoinette Brinks]


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5 responses to “Holy Family craft project

  1. Virginia

    I am desperately looking for a pattern out of this magazine. It is the Christmas pixies. they would be made with a styrofoam head covered in nylon with pipe leaner legs and arms and felt clothes. Please let me know if this is the magazine and if you would be willing to share that pattern.

    • Virginia, I’ve put all my Christmas magazines away, but will try to find that issue this morning and see if the pixies are in it. If so, I’ll post the pattern.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • I went through the issue carefully, as well as a few others from that era, and there were no patterns for pixies. I think I know the ones you’re looking for but so far, I haven’t located it in any of my magazines. I also have a couple of McCall’s craft books from the 60s. I’ll keep looking.

      There are several patterns in my magazines for figures using styrofoam heads and pipe cleaner arms and legs, but no pixies. They are probably not what you’re looking for.

      I’m curious: was this a magazine that you or your mother or grandmother had; did someone you knew make the pixies?

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