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Natchez, Part II

Notice the beautiful detail on the porch ceiling?

The columns need some work, but they’re stunners!


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Natchez, Part I

In January we made a quick trip to southern Mississippi.

My treat on the way back was a 2 hour stop in Natchez to stretch our legs and tale a walk along the River.


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Tom Hanks, You’re No James Stewart

Good article over on Big Hollywood about Tom Hanks’ fading comparison to James Stewart.

James Stewart was a patriot.

Tom Hanks is a shrill shill for the left.


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Free Speech

Dark clouds swirling over America.

There are those with very loud voices who are working hard to silence those with whom they disagree.

I still have a voice and I will speak the truth even when my voice shakes.

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Grape Hyacinths

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Window shopping

Living out in the country, we drive a lot of back roads and I have my favorite homes on most of them. Some are grand. Some aren’t.

They vary a lot; some are genuine Queen Anne Victorians, some are carpenter gothic. Nearly all the old homes in Waxahachie are favorites.

Strickland Sawyer House, Waxahachie, Texas

This beauty is on the market.

Just think, one could buy it and have it decorated and on next year’s Gingerbread Home Tour in 2013!

(Save the dates June 2nd and 3rd, 2012. Go here for a preview of this year’s slate of homes and more information.)

Grape Hyacinths

Out towards Weatherford is a converted school; it looks really old – well, old for this part of the country.

One in Justin is an old red brick Church of Christ building. Hard to tell, but I think it’s been made into apartments. Gorgeous lace curtains on the windows. I’d love to live there.

Ordinarily, I’m fairly uncomfortable with church buildings being used for other purposes, but this one seems okay. Not so the one in Owasso, Oklahoma that now houses a bar and restaurant – that just gives me the creeps.

There are some really cool metal buildings that are very individualistic and attractive. Lots of personal style.

And generally, I’m not crazy about new houses, but there’s a great one nearby us that’s built in kind of a Texas prairie style, made with that white stone (don’t know what it’s really called; we refer to it as Austin stone). It has wonderful porches on both the front and back that go all the way across. They even used to have a big longhorn in the field next to the house.

So, a few new ones, but mostly old.

This beauty was recently for sale in Justin.

What was it Elvis said? “If I can dream…”


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March Blooms

Bradford Pear

Just had to stop and capture the beautiful Bradford Pear trees in bloom at the city complex in Grapevine on Sunday.

All this beauty is free, but temporary.

Blossoms were already gently falling on the breeze; it was like something described in a Jane Austen book. I took a video, but it doesn’t really capture the feeling.

Bradford Pear Blossoms

The white petals were pooling around the base of the tree.



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It’s March in North Texas

Blankets on the bed; blankets off.

Fire in the wood stove; thinking about the air conditioner. Maybe the oscillating fan will do for now?

Still wearing socks; is it really too early for sandals?

Trees are all budded out and blooming; will we have another snow?

Budget tight; I want to go somewhere!

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Cozy Shopping

Can’t make it to England for spring break?

If you’re in north Texas, do the next best thing: pay a visit to The British Emporium in Grapevine.

It’s owned by 2 English ladies,Sheela Kadam and Alexandra Evans.

This is Sheela and her son.

There are lots of British products, so it’s easy to miss something; if you don’t find what you’re looking for – just ask – they’re always friendly and helpful.

A Large selection of tea, bags, loose, black, or green:


There’s quite a variety of U.K. foods, including frozen items.

Almost 20 years ago when I helped plan a cream tea for the ladies at our church, I bought clotted cream there. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it on the shelf of any other grocery store on this side of the pond.

This is a fun place and a unique one. The other British shops I’ve seen weren’t nearly so nice or as comprehensive in their stock.

Loads and loads of gift items: everything from china tea pots, cups and saucers to English newspapers, British comedies on DVD, music CDs, greeting cards, playing cards (perhaps 15 different kinds), electric kettles and books.

Ahhh, the books.

As you can see it’s not a huge selection, but that’s okay because it’s a good one. And it’s not static. There are different ones each time I visit and sometimes it’s really difficult to choose just one. Or two.

At Christmas you might find unique board games, such as Beatles Monopoly.

Last year I took some nice photographs before Easter but lost them when our hard drive crashed, but I think they’ll be decorating again for it soon.

During the various English celebrations (such as the royal wedding) the shop invites patrons to join them for planned events.

Even Indian food specialities have their own shelf.

And that shelf above Sheela’s head? Containers of loose tea and hard candy. If you prefer something more personal than pre-packaged tea or candy, you can do it the old-fashioned way and have your selection weighed out and bagged for you.

Not going to be in the area? Then you can shop from their online store, here.

Some of my photos are a bit blurry, but you can go here for their tour of the store.

Then for a relaxing lunch after shopping, I recommend that you go 1 block south, then 1 block west to Beatitudes Tea Room.


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