Tom Hanks, You’re No James Stewart

Good article over on Big Hollywood about Tom Hanks’ fading comparison to James Stewart.

James Stewart was a patriot.

Tom Hanks is a shrill shill for the left.


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3 responses to “Tom Hanks, You’re No James Stewart

  1. Joe

    This is a further lesson in the eternal fact that talent, good looks, fame, position or wealth are no indicators of goodness, truthfulness or trustworthiness of the person.

  2. Joe, you’re absolutely right!

    These people have millions of adoring fans who treat them as if every syllable that is uttered from their decadent lips is golden.

    And so much of the time, the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

  3. andymovieman

    tom hanks is a liar and fraud and a bleeding heart liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing. jimmy stewart was more patriotic than hanks.

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