Natchez, Part II

Notice the beautiful detail on the porch ceiling?

The columns need some work, but they’re stunners!


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4 responses to “Natchez, Part II

  1. Joe

    Natchez is so scenic and photogenic. We must go back there and spend time enough to capture more of the almost sub-tropical beauty of the place!

  2. zakkalife

    Now you have me wondering what the inside looks like. It’s probably just as detailed and beautiful as the outside.

  3. Kathy Moody

    That’s my family’s big pink house with the rotted column tops, and bottoms! Wish I had enough money to fix it more than one board at a time……….. I raised my children there, before the bluff was stabilized, when it was more like living in the country, with no sidewalk out front………… the view from the house, of the river, is more spectacular than the view of the house…….. The interior was once fantastic; but has been stripped of it’s grandeur by thieving relatives. Hoping to save it for grandchildren!

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comment!

      I’ve seen (and toured) many Victorian era houses, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen ones with a more spectacular view. We took a few photos of that – which won’t really do it justice – and I’ll be posting them in a few days.

      Your porch is so stunning. I really can imagine having afternoon tea out there under that beautiful ceiling.

      We can tell that it’s being repaired, and on behalf of everyone who enjoys just looking – thanks for restoring an American treasure.

      How incredibly blessed you’ve been to live in such a grand home!

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