Natchez, Part IV


Doorway with transom

When first preparing the posts about Natchez, I hesitated to include these because, well, frankly I was up on someone’s porch without permission, looking in the windows and snapping photographs.

True, the house was unoccupied and undergoing renovation; and I’m sure that the owners of these grand homes are used to gawkers.

But still I felt a little uncertain or whether to post them or not.

Then after Jessica Okui at Zakka Life commented that she was curious about the interiors, I thought: “Why not? In for a penny (window gazing), in for a pound (posting the pictures).”

I’m so glad I did or the next bit wouldn’t have happened!

Delightfully, Elodie Pritchartt left a comment about this very house, which had belonged to her family until recently. Her great-grandfather, William Howard Pritchartt was purser on a riverboat and built it in 1900.

Go here to Shanntybellum, her blog about Natchez. The first link has has quite a few photographs of the house (both exterior and interior), original family members who lived there and their pets.

It is a fascinating chronicle of past times and I’m so pleased that she left her comment and gave us all a glimpse into the bygone days of that gorgeous house overlooking the Mississippi River.


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2 responses to “Natchez, Part IV

  1. Hi. The house pictured above was built by my great grandfather in 1900. I wrote a blog post about selling the house, which broke my heart in more than one way. If you’d like to hear some of this old lady’s stories, go to:

  2. Joe

    Wonderful pictures of Old Natchez!

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