Natchez, Part VI

Details of Natchez

Side door on front porch - Pritchartt home.

Carriage block in front of Pritchartt house.

By going here, you can see this same carriage block in a photo taken approximately 100 years ago.

Front door of Pritchartt home.

What a gracious entrance into one’s home.


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2 responses to “Natchez, Part VI

  1. Wonderful, Wonderful Details! I’ve never thought about going to Natchez before, but seeing your pictures sure makes me want to go.

    • About 20 years ago, Joe and I made a weekend trip to Vicksburg and Natchez. There’s way too much for just one weekend, but even 2 days is better than none. Anyway, we toured Melrose, an antebellum mansion which a National Historical Park and it was fascinating.

      I don’t know why in the world it took us this long to go back, but just seeing the homes is definitely worth the drive. How wonderful it must be to live there!

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