1960 Ladies’ Fashions

From the 1960 Spring and Summer Montgomery Ward catalog.


Filed under 1960, Antiques/Vintage, Dresses (Including Formals), Ephemera, Fashion, Femininity, Montgomery Ward, Springtime, Summer, Vintage catalogs

2 responses to “1960 Ladies’ Fashions

  1. Joe

    I don’t know what it was about the fashions when I was growing up. For some reason, the women always seemed unapproachable and Other-Worldly like very expensive mannikins in a store front. They never seemed like real humans to me. I have no idea if that is a common feeling among men my age or if that just makes me too weird for words. 🙂

  2. I am from that era – what is actually called the Golden Age of Girdles. Women back then where daily always girdled and they were empowered sadly unlike todays women. They looked great with really nice posture, their clothes fit nice and smooth, and they had much more energy and felt great, plus they were never obese. All this is due that they were always daily always in a vintage girdle and they sincerely loved being girdled.

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