Observations After a Class Reunion

1. I’m glad I went. I think.

2. I’m glad that the God of my salvation does not judge me as mere mortals see me. That my worth to Him is not appearance based, or on what kind of house I live in or my education or job or social standing.

Because all those things are not in quite as good shape as they were 40 years ago when I graduated from high school.

The group photo proves that.


One of my few regrets from the party is that I allowed Gayla to drag me over for the portrait.

Bit a of reality check for me.

3. A mild correction of an old problem.

Remember the kid who sat alone in the cafeteria? Much of the time, that was me.

What I’ve regretted about that, was not that the others didn’t include me in their group, but that I didn’t use the opportunity to keep someone else from being alone.

What was so great about me that I couldn’t have been the one to reach out?

So, on Saturday night when one of the guys who used to have the same problem came up and started chatting, I chatted back. He made the first attempt (which I thought very brave because we’d never known each other), and I responded. And, then, I tried to overcome my nervousness and started a few conversations, too.

4. There were a few people who’d been popular (and though not enemies, weren’t friends either) who are now friendly and welcoming and that always pleases, but shocks me.

5. And there were some who’d never spoken to me in school,and who wouldn’t even crack a smile for me on Saturday night.

Stupid, stupid, stupid that it still stings. Time to grow up, girl.

Norma Davis, me, Richard Crawford, Nicole Wright

6. How valuable kindness is. Thank you, Gayla and Shirley and Carolyn and Kathy and Don and Jim and Joanna and Ray and Mike and Alan.

7. I’m glad I went.


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12 responses to “Observations After a Class Reunion

  1. cathie Jones Wilson

    I loved your comment Carla. I love being the age I am now…not really caring what people think of me…only how my Lord thinks matters now. If I missed saying hello….please forgive me. The night was a little overwhelming for me but I DID enjoy it. Im not as outgoing as I used to be! Im glad we both went! Bless you for your post!

    • Such a thoughtful comment, Cathie.

      All my life I’ve heard older people say that they don’t feel any different inside than they did when they were 18.

      Honestly, I thank the Lord I don’t feel like I did then! How miserable it would be to carry around all that angst.

      And even though I don’t care nearly as much what people think of me, there was still a little of that vulnerability, which surprised me.

      Oh, my. The Lord has so much more work to do in me.

      I was astounded by your reply because I don’t think we ever had a class together or talked during high school. Facebook has opened up lots of new relationships with people that I never really knew.

      So many of us are Christians – which is the best thing of all to have in common.

      Thank you so much.

  2. Carla, I thought you looked fantastic! More beautiful than 40 yrs ago.
    Love your hair and wish my gray looked like that!!!!

    • Oh, my goodness, how kind you are.

      I didn’t know what to do about my hair. After surgery a couple of years ago, about half of it fell out. Thankfully, a lot of it has regrown, but it’s still embarrassingly thin.

      A hat seemed a little outlandish, so I just tried to forget about it.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  3. Shirley

    All I can say is I am thankful that time passes from those awkward, teenage years and we make of our lives what they are meant to be. And you realize that once you leave high school that kind of life does not continue and reality sets in…thank goodness! This was a good read Carla, thanks for doing it. I can see you have made a good life for you and your family and I have very much enjoyed getting to know you over the past several months. We have a lot in common and I am sure we could have been friends some 40 years ago, but am so glad we are now.

  4. Marilyn

    It is a reality check, Carla! I’ll let you know my observations from my (gasp) 60th HS reunion taking place this coming week-end!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn.

      I’d not been to a class reunion for 20 years. It was amazing at both how much things had changed and how little had changed.

      Maybe I’d changed the most.

      Hope you have a wonderful 60th!

  5. Joe

    I’ve missed my 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th reunions due to similar impulses.

  6. From someone that also seemed to be sitting alone a lot during lunchtime… I’m glad to have had a chance to catch up to you! Yes, the night was a bit overwhelming, but I wanted to at least say Hi to everyone there. I dearly miss the ones that couldn’t make it, and I really miss some of the ones that will never make it to a reunion, or anywhere else on this little blue ball we currently live on. But life goes on, hopefully healing some of the wounds, granting us some wisdom, and letting us know that some things we just can’t change and go on. So, HANG IN THERE! Drop me a note if you want to.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Ray.

      I think the Lord is saying to me that it’s time to forgive, time to let wounds heal and go on.

      My biggest regret was that I concentrated too much on myself then and not others.

      Did you sit alone in the cafeteria, too?

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