Swimwear for Girls, Teens and Ladies, 1960

for teens

for Ladies

for Ladies

for Ladies

for Ladies

for Ladies

for Ladies

for Sub-Teens

for Girls

Notice anything unusual, compared to the current selections ~ I mean, apart from how naked they aren’t?

The catalog featured 1 – just one – swimsuit for Teens and 2 full pages for Ladies.

And the group that are called Pre-Teens now were “Sub-Teens”. There are all kinds of jokes to be made from that, but I’ll let it go for now.


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4 responses to “Swimwear for Girls, Teens and Ladies, 1960

  1. Some of those looks like dresses almost! Just add an inch or two..

  2. The length of the suits doesn’t bother me (when you get to my age that’s a plus), but the sheer unattractiveness of them does.

    Only a very few of them are flattering.

    Just as stylish doesn’t equate to sluttish, modesty should not be synonymous with ugly.

  3. I had a swimsuit just like the girls one, but that was in the 80’s. I thought the skirt was very pretty.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s nice to meet you…

    • Thanks for coming to my blog, too. I’ve had yours bookmarked for quite awhile, but probably never left a comment until now. I love reading and reading about classic childrens’ books.

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