Black Armband Day

Armband:: a band worn around the arm; especially : a band worn around the arm for identification or in mourning.

Chief Justice John Roberts put a nail in the coffin of America on Thursday.

If I had a black armband, I’d wear it.

Bought this book because it’s just so timely and appropriate.

However, I still have some Hope that there will be a Change in the White House and Senate when the polls close on November 6, 2012.


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9 responses to “Black Armband Day

  1. I sure hope so too! I just listened to this author on the radio while I was working on supper. Wake up America!

  2. Thanks, Pam! I’ll search and see if they have an archives. We still don’t have television, but I listen to the radio, both live and online.

  3. Personally I want to read the newest Meghan McCain book. I don’t think the current repuplican candidate is any good, I think the republicans should stick more to ideolgy and less to religion. I also don’t think black painting Obama is the way to go, I prefer politicians who talk about themselves and not others. If your politics are good enough, that will be enough.

    • The only painting we have of that man is the one he has presented: his lies and his record.

      I am no fan of Romney, but I will do every legal thing I can to prevent 4 more years of the current abomination.

  4. Amen, Carla. It’s a phrase that is used often, but I truly believe this IS the most important election ever!

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